Oh Islanders..Pain d'Avignon is Here!

Did you know in Long Island City lives one of the finest bakeries in the country?

For over 20 years Pain d'Avignon has mastered the craft of baking to serve the needs of the best chefs and top restaurants in NYC. The best part? They are now available for home delivery!

Whether you try their delicious Croissant, Sourdough Loaf or Cranberry Pecan, you can taste the quality of the ingredients and respect for the bread. On every bite. Bake after bake.

The secret? No secret! Flour + Water + Salt + Time. 

Their goods are made with carefully selected ingredients, and their  naturally leavened breads undergo a slow and careful fermentation process that truly develops depth of flavors.  

At Doughy we are really excited to have Pain d'Avignon for home delivery on Roosevelt Island. Oh, and their specials are available on specific dates so don't miss out and follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to stay posted.

If you're new to Doughy, Welcome! Here you can find a useful order, pre-order and delivery schedule. 


Bonus Question: What are some of the "must have's"? That's a difficult question, but if you want to know what real bread tastes like, the 2lb Sourdough is a masterpiece! For the sweet tooth, don't miss out on their amazing croissants (plain or chocolate, or both!).






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  • Please deliver to Court Sq..we are sooo close : )

    • Matt
  • Awesome!

    • James B
  • This is great news!!

    • Tim Johnls