Doughy is in Manhattan!

We're delivering fresh bread to Manhattan!

For those who are new to Doughy, we are a platform where you can buy fresh baked goods and get them delivered to your door! Our mission is to bring fresh artisan goods to you.

Don't settle for industrial products, Choose Fresh! 

How it works? 

It's really simple,  Check the Menu > Pick your Date > Enjoy!

About our goodies?

We are very excited to bring you Pain d'Avignon!

If you've never had them, their Classic croissants and Pain au chocolate are superb! (Because they're handmade these pastries are only available on the weekends). 

In the bread territory, the 2lb Sourdough Loaf is a true masterpiece. But we can't forget to mention their delicious Cranberry Pecan and Brioche pullman.  


Pick your baked goods or weekend brekkie and let us do the rest!



Ps- We want to thank all the bakers and people who make this possible bake after bake. And of course, the community for their support!




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  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

    • kthuovbahz